The Most Common Mistakes that are made When Doing a DIY Roofing Shingle Job

No one should ever criticize anyone for taking on a job around their home themselves and trying to save a few dollars. That said, people also need to be aware that doing a DIY job wrong can lead to many wasted hours and some big additional expenses. Such is the case if someone does not lay down shingle on their roof properly. We are here to point out the most common mistakes that people make when applying shingle to a roof themselves. That way if you take on this type of roofing project yourself, you will be careful to avoid doing them.

Here are Some of the Most Frequent DIY Shingling Mistakes That Homeowner’s Make

Improper Nailing
This is the most common problem that results when inexperienced homeowners try to lay down shingle on their roofs themselves. This leads to improper sealing and fly away shingles. Manufacturer’s instructions will tell you exactly where to put the shingle nails in them and how many nails you need to use. Do not pound them in so tight they damage the shingle.

Overhanging Shingles
Unless you get a lot of fun from watching shingles fly around in the air on windy days be sure to avoid this. Even shingles that overhang a roof by as little as 1” can funnel winds underneath them and make them much easier to be torn off by strong winds.

Not properly Laying Shingle in a Roof Valley
There are two things you need to avoid here and both can lead to wear problems or leaking. The first is that you don’t want to stretch your shingle too tightly in a roof valley. That will leave an air gap underneath and a weak spot. Also, sometimes valleys need extra protection put down like ice guards and metal. Failure to do this when necessary can again lead to big leak problems.

Improper Ventilation
Excessive heat is not an asphalt shingle products friend. It tends to cause them to warp and bubble and do other things that greatly impact their useful life. Installing equipment such as attic fans, ridge vents and other types of vents can help prevent excessive heat buildup and are a must for any roof. Be sure not to install too many or too few vents.

When is it Time to Call in a Professional Roofing Contractor?

We must be really blunt here, so, apologies if we offend anyone. If you did not know about several of the shingling mistakes that were discussed here before reading them, you probably don’t have the experience to take on this job yourself. Why should you anyway? Many roofing contractors such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will give you a free inspection and do fully-guaranteed work at a reasonable cost. So consider calling a professional to do that shingle job that you want to be done if you are not completely sure how to go about doing it yourself.

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