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In this case study, we delve into the transformation of the Burlingame House, a Mid-Century Modern home located in the suburbs of SW Portland. The project’s primary objective was to remodel the entire first floor, with a focus on opening up the kitchen, highlighting its Mid-Century Modern features, and expanding the primary bathroom. The clients had a unique request – they wanted to be intricately involved in every aspect of the project, both large and small. Our team faced specific challenges, including the need for creative solutions such as a pop-up outlet in the kitchen and extensive electrical rewiring, as well as the task of fitting various elements into the primary bathroom without making it feel cramped.


The property was built in 1963, boasting a large lot of approximately 3,600 square feet in a serene wooded area, providing a suburban living experience with the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Still in its original condition, the house featured iconic Mid-Century Modern characteristics, including a spacious double-sided fireplace and large windows. The decision to remodel was driven by the desire to open up the kitchen, enhance the size of the primary bathroom, modernize the home while preserving its Mid-Century Modern charm, and create a space that would blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

Design and Planning   

The initial design process involved selecting high-end, modern materials while adhering to a Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. Walnut cabinets, white stair rails, and refinished oak floors were chosen to capture the essence of the era. The kitchen and laundry cabinets incorporated a green color to complement the natural surroundings. The clients were actively engaged in the design process, ensuring that every detail of the project aligned with their preferences and lifestyle.

Scope of Work   

The scope of work included a comprehensive remodel of the main floor, encompassing demolition, HVAC, framing, plumbing, electrical, sheetrock, flooring, cabinetry, tile, windows, doors, and millwork. The remodel focused on various areas, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, laundry room, and bathrooms. Major changes included removing barriers and adding windows to enhance kitchen space and bring in natural light, and expanding the primary bathroom.

Execution and Challenges   

The implementation phase involved the actual construction and remodeling work. Several challenges were encountered, including the need for a pop-up outlet due to a large window by the kitchen sink and extensive electrical rewiring. Adjustments were made to the original plan to accommodate the client’s preference for a more open stair railing design.

Materials and Technology   

The project utilized modern materials while staying true to the Mid-Century Modern style. Notable features included the innovative pop-up outlet and the integration of smart technology for controlling lights in the primary bathroom.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency   

The remodel incorporated new energy-efficient custom windows, reducing energy consumption and enhancing sustainability.

Workmanship and Collaboration   

The project showcased expert craftsmanship from the team, including the visionary floorplan by Kayed, meticulous framing by Ian and Victor, and the skills of trusted subcontractors. Collaboration with designer Amy ensured that the clients’ ideas and preferences were seamlessly integrated into the project.

Transformation and Results   

The remodel’s success is evident in the before-and-after photos, showcasing the dramatic improvements made to the property. The clients are thrilled with the results, enjoying a more relaxing bathroom and a spacious, inviting kitchen.

Budget and Timeline

The project adhered to a predetermined budget, with careful tracking of expenses. Delays were minimal, although appliance lead times posed a challenge.


In conclusion, the Burlingame whole home remodel successfully updated the home while preserving its Mid-Century Modern character. The clients are delighted with the outcome, enjoying a more functional and aesthetically pleasing living space that harmonizes with their natural surroundings.

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