Beaverton, OR Talks About the Most Common Shingle Mistakes and the Resulting Problems They Cause

Evergreen Renovations & Roofing is a conscientious and community-oriented locally owned contractor in the Beaverton and Portland, Oregon area. Because of that, they want people to be aware of the dangers of improperly laying shingle. It’s a mistake that could end up costing someone much more than if they had hired a professional to do the job in the first place. The company wants those in Beaverton and the surrounding area to realize that shingling a roof is not as simple as it looks.

Beaverton, OR, USA – March 28, 2019

Brian Bowen, the spokesperson for Evergreen Renovations & Roofing, had this to say about the problems they see quite often when shingle is laid down improperly on a roof. He says, “A few times a month we get a call about a self-shingling job that unfortunately just did not turn out right. Many times it’s obvious even from looking at the newly laid shingles from the ground. When shingle is not laid properly it leaves your roof vulnerable to leaking and that can snowball into huge expenses. Shingle that is put down wrong can get caught by strong winds and be easily torn off.”

He also mentioned some of the more common problems his company sees after an inexperienced DIY homeowner has replaced their shingle themselves. Bowen says many times a homeowner will leave shingles hanging too far over the edge of the roof or fail to lay them down properly in roof valley’s

Venting is also something that many DIY shingle jobs do not take into account. He states this is bad because excessive heat buildup in an attic will zap the life out of shingle far ahead of time. It was noted that most people do not add attic fans, ridge vents or other means to remove damaging attic heat before it can get to critical levels.

Bowen points out that there are several reasons why shingle work is often best left to professionals. For one, a homeowner will get high-quality shingle work done that is fully guaranteed and done in a way that it will last the expected lifetime of the new shingle. Professional roofers also know how to properly vent a roof and seal it up tight against leaks.

Applying shingle is something that is also done at high heights and having the right equipment helps prevent accidents. Most roofing companies like Evergreen are fully insured against accidents or property damage in the unlikely event they should occur. Of course, professional roofing work also tends to speak for itself in the form of reviews. Here is one taken directly from Evergreen Renovations and Roofing’s website:

“The whole crew, from the owners to the roofing crew are some of the best residential contractors that I have worked with. Not only was my roof done on time and on budget, but Carlos and his crew came up with an innovative solution to a flashing problem that will end a cycle of dry-rot replacement. I have referred several other customers to them and all have had a positive experience. I highly recommend Evergreen Renovations.”

-Dean Wier

If you would like more information on shingling a roof or the many different decorative styles of shingle they have available, send Evergreen Renovations & Roofing an e-mail or call them. You can also visit them on Facebook,, and

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