The Key Traits of a Good Interior Design Person

You may have decided it’s finally time to do that remodel, renovation or addition that you have been putting off for a while now. You probably know pretty much how you want the design done but not completely. That’s why you may want to get some help from a good interior design professional. A good interior design person can do a nice job of putting the finishing touches on your final design that will bring it over the top. You don’t just want to hire any interior design person, though. These are some of the attributes to look for when searching for an interior design person to help with a project.

Qualities to Look for When Hiring an Interior Design Professional

These are the traits of a good interior designer that will make them a delight to work with and help your finished design turn out better.

Good listening skills
This is the most important trait for an interior design person. That’s because you don’t want someone to design their opinion of how your project should turn out, you want them to help you refine the ideas you have in mind for the project.

Many times people seek out help from interior designers because they are missing out on the creativity gene. So make sure the interior designer you hire has it.

Love what they do
If you interviewed a bunch of award-winning interior designers you would find a common theme among them. It would be that they all absolutely love what they do.

Detail oriented
The projects that turn out to be the best looking ones often started with drawings that include even the smallest details of the project. So, look for an interior designer that talks often of about the subtle details of your project.

Has a diverse set of tastes
It’s great if your interior design person is as good at helping with classic design styles as they are with more modern ones. That way they can present you with many options to choose from when designing your renovation, remodel or addition.

Ability to multitask
Most design people not only work with you but will help inform the contractor and subcontractors what the goal of the design is, too. This requires them to deal with many people at the same time.

Finding the Right Interior Design Person for Your Project

OK, so now you know what to look for in an interior designer but where do you start to look? You can do such things as ask friends who have recently remodeled or put on an addition who they used and how they liked them. You can also check places like Yelp and Angie’s list. Or your contractor may even have a design person they use. Contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon may even let you use their interior design personnel at little or no cost. So you have many choices when it comes to finding a good interior designer.

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