Signs it May Be Time to Think About Replacing Your Windows

It sometimes seems that one of the home improvement tasks that homeowners are the most reluctant to do is window replacement. This is hard to understand really. Home window replacement is fairly easy to do and it can be done affordably too. It also offers advantages such as making your house look better and become more energy efficient. Ok, so you are not convinced yet. Where here are some signs that will tell you it’s definitely time to replace those old windows in your home.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Old Windows Whether You Want To or Not

These are some of the main reasons that people use as a catalyst for getting window replacements:

1. Your windows are taking away from the looks of your home

Maybe you have just repainted your house or had new vinyl siding put on it. Sadly, even though the windows were repainted or cleaned, they still hurt the looks of your home’s exterior. Or they have just simply become an eyesore and a change is badly needed.

2. When you sit near them you feel a draft

Do you feel a draft when you sit near the windows of your home? This may be a sign that your windows are no longer sealed tightly or are deteriorating around the sides where they fit into the wall.

3. You notice spider cracks or they are rotting

If your windows are visibly falling apart it’s probably a great time to think about replacing them. For wooden windows, they may be rotting away in areas and for older vinyl windows they will start to show spider cracks and other signs of wear.

4. Your energy bill is climbing

This may be the number one reason to install new vinyl windows in your home. Your energy bill savings from this will probably pay for the job and more in the long run. So this is something to seriously consider as energy prices start to climb higher and higher again.

5. The window glass feels cold in winter and hot in summer

The inside glass of a properly sealed and insulated window should feel more like the inside temperature than that of the outside. So if you touch your interior window in the summer and it’s hot or in the winter and its cold, you may want to think about installing better insulated new windows.

How Do You Get Started Replacing Your Windows?

Once you have decided it’s time to replace your windows, you will need to get some bids for doing that. Call some local contractors that have been recommended to you or have good reviews. Most of the time these window contractors will come to your home at no charge and give you an estimate for what your window replacement will cost. This is the case with veteran contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing in Beaverton, Oregon. Don’t choose the contractor to replace your windows based on price alone. Sometimes paying a little extra will get you a better-looking window job.

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