The Pros and Cons of Building an Addition on Your Home

Does it seem to you that as your kids have gotten older that your house has shrunk at the same time? If the answer is yes don’t think you are going crazy. You are like many others that have simply outgrown the living space in their home. Many people are tempted to put an addition on their home when this happens. Even though that may be a great idea, you should still take a serious look at the pros and cons of doing that.

Additions: The Good and Bad Points to Doing Them

Here are some positive and negative points to consider before starting a new addition on your home:


It will give you the extra living space you need
Of course, the number one reason most people put an addition on their home is to create extra living space for their family.

It’s cheaper than building a new home
In most cases, it’s much cheaper to build an addition to get the extra living space you need than it is to build a new home. Not to mention, you don’t have to go through the aggravation and expense of moving.

You are free to make design choices
You can do the design to meet all of your own wishes. It will give you a chance to add some of the things you always wanted in your home.

It may make your home more attractive to a potential buyer
Although there is no guarantee your home will be more valuable after putting on an addition, there is a good chance it will give it more sales appeal.


The construction process is very invasive
Without a doubt, it will be a big inconvenience to you and your family’s privacy when the actual construction work for your new addition is taking place. You will have workers coming and going all of the time and the noise may be too much at times.

It’s a financial risk
Most people automatically assume if they put money into an addition they will get that money back in extra value when they go to sell their house. Be cautioned here that this is not always the case.

It will cut down on the free space on your property
This is a big one if you have a small lot in a neighborhood where the homes are built close together. It may not leave you with much free yard space.

Getting a New Addition Started

So you have looked at the pros and cons of building a new addition and you have decided it’s time for you to do it. So what’s the next step? We suggest that you get some estimates from local contractors on what it would cost to do the job. Contractors such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon usually offer to do estimates for a new addition free of charge. Once you decide on a contractor to use they should be able to help you out with every phase of the project from design to completion.

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