Important Points to Consider When Designing a Custom Built Deck

If you are getting ready to build a new custom deck you need to plan it carefully. In order for that deck to be functional for what you want to use it for there are several things which you must consider. These points will determine exactly how your new custom built deck is designed. That is the preferred way to get your deck building project to turn out just like you had hoped.

Here is what we feel are the most important points to consider when designing your new custom built deck:

• Intended Use

One of the keys to coming up with the best deck design for you is to determine what you will use your deck for. There is a big difference between designing a deck for entertaining and a designing a deck for romantic viewing pleasure. So think about this carefully before you start designing your new deck.

• Size

Once you have determined what you want to use your new custom built deck for, the next step is to determine how big you want it to be. Be careful here not to go too crazy and build a bigger size deck that attaches to the upper floors of your home. This will greatly increase your deck building costs.

• Location

Your intended use will also help you determine where on your home you will build your new deck. Decks built for viewing must be placed in a location that’s convenient for doing so and decks that will be used for barbequing should be built off of your kitchen for convenience. Privacy is also a big consideration here. If you don’t want all of your neighbors knowing your business you will have to build your deck in a location that’s conducive to this.

• Budget

This is a biggie as far as the type and size of deck you design. You may want a huge custom deck built up high but maybe it does not fit into your budget. So your budget you set aside for the project will definitely shape the size and scope of it.

• Material Choice

Decks are no longer automatically made out of pressure treated wood anymore. You now have many choices when it comes to custom deck materials. Many decks these days are made out of synthetic boards that will last a lifetime and be completely maintenance free. There are even expensive but elegant custom hardwoods that your new deck can be built out of.

Let Your Deck Building Contractor Help You with the Design

Not only do you need to consider the deck design points mentioned above, but you should also let your deck building contractor help you with its design. Deck building contractors like those at Evergreen Renovations &s; Roofing in Beaverton, Oregon will use their many years of deck building expertise to help you design a deck that efficiently meets your needs while staying on budget. This is the absolute best way to get your deck building project to come out perfect.

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