Excellent Countertop Options for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

There are many tough choices when you are getting ready to do any kitchen remodeling work. You have to do such things as to replace or refinish your cabinets. There is also lighting choices to be made, floor material selection and looking at upgrading appliances. One of the most difficult decisions to make is what type of countertops you want in your remodeled kitchen. That’s because there are so many good countertop options in the home marketplace. In this article, we will give you more information on the more popular types of kitchen countertops.

• Natural Stone

This is one of the most beautiful and most expensive kitchen countertop options. They are made out of such stones as soapstone, marble, and limestone. These are more delicate than other stone countertops and have to be sealed on a regular basis.

• Granite

This is definitely among the most versatile and popular kitchen countertop choices. You can get it in different looks such as shiny or metallic and it comes in many different colors. Be prepared to pay a hefty price for these countertops, especially if they have been imported.

• Engineered Stone

This is one tough kitchen countertop material. It also comes in a variety of color choices and needs very little maintenance. These countertops are very expensive like granite but the polymer resin and stone makeup of them makes them much more durable.

• Concrete

Believe it or not, this is a very popular choice in kitchen countertop material. That’s because it’s affordable and can be made to mimic much more expensive countertop materials. The bad traits of concrete countertops including needing constant refinishing (every 3 to 4 months) and it can warp and roll over time.

• Wood (Butcher Block)

These are some big and bulky countertops that hold up well under most conditions. They also will help give a kitchen a more traditional and classic look. Wood countertops are easily kept up by periodically sanding and refinishing them. The problem with wood is that it can be damaged by water and it needs to have oil put on it on a regular basis.

• Laminate

This type of countertop has problems with scratch resistance and durability but that has improved over the years some. Laminate countertops are affordable and come in a wide variety of colors.

Ask Your Contractor for Help Selecting the Right Countertops

What’s the very best way to get your kitchen countertop selection right? If you guessed letting your contractor help you with that decision, you are absolutely right. Most remodeling contractors will definitely steer you in the right direction as far as prudent countertop selection goes. They know the pricing, durability and benefits of each type of kitchen countertop material. Kitchen and remodeling contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon can even give you access to their excellent design teams to help you with your countertop choice. So make sure you talk to your remodeling contractor if you are not sure which countertop material is right for you.

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