The Challenges of Working on Church Roofs

There are a lot of difficult roofs that contractors work on. But perhaps no type of roof is more difficult for contractors to work on than church roofs. That’s why so few roofing companies choose to do this type of specialty roofing work. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and use of proper safety measures to get any size church roofing project completed.

These are some of the major challenges that church roofs present to contractors that work on them:

• Steep Pitched roofs

Working on extremely steep pitched roofs is one of the toughest things that any roofer can do. Safety concerns must always be at the forefront when doing roof repairs on steeper church roofs. Even inspections are tougher to conduct on church roofs because of the steepness of many of them.

• Parapets and Other Odd Shaped Features

Church roofs have more odd-shaped features than most other types of roofs have. Structures such as parapets and sub roofs can make it very difficult to do a normal shingle or tile run on a church roof. These create some very odd angles that must be worked around.

• Exposed Felt Paper Can Become like Ice

Church roofs are designed to last for years. On those occasions when they do need to be redone, when the shingle or roofing tile is removed from a church roof there is often a layer of dust covering the existing felt paper. This layer of dust makes stepping on the felt paper as slippery as stepping on ice.

• Steeples

Many church steeples are so high that you can’t even use a boom truck to work on them. That means the roofing contractor will have to set up special rigging to reroof a steeple and get it sealed up watertight.

Use of Non-Standard Roofing Materials

There are many things about church roofs that are different from regular roofs. Most of them do not use shingle. Over the years natural slate and masonry tile have been used. These roofing materials are a lot more difficult to place down than shingle. Flashing for church roofs is also made of materials that you don’t use every day on roofs such as copper, coated copper, and zinc.

Who Can You Get To Work On A Church Roof For You?

Despite the challenges that church roofs present, there are still many contractors that take this type of roof work on. Roofing contractors such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon are always ready to take on any size church roofing project. They have all the necessary gear and safety equipment to handle working on even the steepest church roofs. Doing steeple, parapet and church gutter repairs are no problem for experienced church roof repair companies. Most of the roofing companies that do this type of specialty roofing work will put in their advertising that they do church roof renovations and repairs.

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