Beaverton Contractor Offers Helpful Winter Roof Maintenance Advice

Evergreen Renovations & Roofing is a family-owned roofing and renovations contractor that has been serving the Beaverton, Oregon area since 2009. One of the best things that people like about them is that they offer good renovations and roofing advice. In their latest advice to customers, they caution people not to be too complacent when it comes to home roof maintenance just before and during the winter months. There are steps that each homeowner can take to give their roof a better chance of making it through the long Oregon winter unscathed.

Beaverton, OR, USA – November 28, 2019

Brian Bowder, the owner, talks about that further by saying, “People tend to think that roof maintenance is something that you do in the spring and summer months. In reality, it’s something that needs to be done all year round. Roof maintenance is very important in the late fall and early winter months, too. That helps prepare your roof for the heavy rain, ice and snow that will besiege it during the winter months. A roof that is not prepared to handle these things can suffer leaks and other damage that are difficult to resolve during the colder months.”

He says that there are several things that a homeowner can do to better prepare their roof for the hardships it faces during the colder months. The first step that anyone should take is cleaning out their gutters. This is done to prevent damming and the overflowing of gutters. When this occurs, water goes to where it’s not supposed to and gets under shingles and into the roof support structure. This can cause significant hidden damage when that water turns to ice.

Bowder also recommends a thorough roof cleaning, too. That starts with picking up small branches and other large debris that has settled on the roof over time. Once ice and snow hit these objects, they will be pushed towards the roof surface and could cause puncture holes. Once all large debris has been cleared from the roof, a thorough cleaning with an air blower ensures no leaves or smaller debris remain on the roof.

The owner says it’s also never a bad idea to have a roofing company such as theirs come out and do a roof inspection. He says that a trained roofing professional can catch things during an inspection that can prevent winter roof damage. This includes such things as a loose section of shingles, damaged flashing, and structural weak spots. Roofing companies will even inspect an attic for signs of leaks. Having roof problems detected and remedied before extreme winter weather hits can prevent them from causing further problems during this time.

Bowder added that there are steps that a homeowner can take to help their roof during the winter months. This includes taking steps to prevent heavy snow accumulation on a roof.

He also added that safety must always be at the forefront when doing roof maintenance tasks. Bowder says there are professional companies that can handle roof maintenance for a homeowner for very reasonable fees.

If someone wants additional information on winter roof maintenance or the types of commercial, church, and residential roofing services that Evergreen Renovations & Roofing offer, simply email the company or contact them. Reviews on this highly rated roofing and renovations contractor can also be seen at and

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