How to Makeover a Bathroom Without Remodeling

There are many homeowners that need a complete bathroom makeover but simply don’t have the funds needed for that at the present time. That does not necessarily mean that there is nothing these homeowners can do until bathroom renovation funds become available. There are steps a homeowner can take to change the entire look and feel of their bathroom without spending a lot of money to accomplish that. Here are some of those.


There are so many things that coat of paint can do for a bathroom. Just changing the shade of your bathroom walls can give your bathroom a whole new feel to it. There are also many different paint types that can do such things as change wall texture or use more than one tone to achieve a certain look. A homeowner can learn more about their choices here by chatting with a paint mixing pro at a paint center or a local home improvement store


There is also a lot that a person can do for the looks and feel of their bathroom just by changing the lighting. Lowering or raising the amount of light in a bathroom can definitely change the mood in it. If someone does not believe this then they can try putting different watt light bulbs in their bathroom light fixture. They will be surprised at the difference in the looks of their bathroom at different light levels.

Change Out the Fixtures

Here is a fairly simple but effective way to change the looks of any bathroom. Changing out faucets, faucet handles, door handles, soap dishes and other bathroom fixtures can do a lot to improve or change the look of any bathroom.

Frame the Mirror

Most people have functional mirrors in their bathrooms. Often, little attention is paid to the decorative nature of a mirror. This is sad because if a mirror is trimmed or laid in a more decorative setting it can be a great bathroom accent piece.

Change the Shower Curtain and Towels

This is one of the most overlooked changes that someone can do to their bathroom. Just like painting the walls can change the look and feel of a bathroom, so too can changing the colors of a shower curtain. Going from printed to solid color towels and shower curtains can also impact the looks of any bathroom.

When Renovations Are a Must But There Are Budget Concerns

The steps mentioned above are great, but they cannot help a homeowner overcome every problem that leads to them needing to do a more extensive bathroom makeover. Such things as poor bathroom layouts or a shower stall that’s cramped because it has a bench seat cannot be overcome by cosmetic changes. That’s when calling a local renovations contractor is highly recommended. Bathroom renovation specialists like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon, not only can help a homeowner redesign their bathroom in a cost-saving manner but they can help them arrange affordable financing for that project too.

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