Why Use a Roofer that is Certified to Install the Roofing Products that They Use

If you look online or in any cities yellow pages, you will find many roofing contractors listed. It can make it very difficult to choose which contractor to use to do your upcoming roofing project. There is also a good possibility that some of the roofing contractors that are listed do not do high-quality roofing work. So how do you know how to choose the right company to do your roofing project? One way we recommend is to use a roofing contractor that is certified to put down the roofing that they use.

Why should you do this? It’s because of reasons like the following:

• These certificates are usually only given out to elite roofing companies

Manufacturers who certify their roofing contractors take this very seriously. They do not give these certificates out to just any roofing company. They usually choose roofing companies that are reputable and extremely good at doing roofing work.

• Special training is required to get these certificates

Certification is not just given to a company because the manufacturer likes them either. A roofing contractor that wants to become certified must send crews to the manufacturer’s factory to undergo special training. This training makes these crews experts at applying these roofing products.

• Warrantees are easier to claim when you use certified installers

A manufacturer will have an easier time accepting warrantees from customers if the crew that put them down was factory certified. Some manufacturers will not even warranty roofing materials that were not laid down by a roofing team that was not factory certified. This gives any customer that uses a certified roofing contractor even more peace of mind that they have chosen the right roofing contractor.

• These companies are the first to get updates on new installation techniques and products

When new products come out certified roofing contractors are always the first to know about them. This means they are always able to provide their customers with the latest and best roofing products. A contractor will also be kept up to date on the best ways to install a manufacturer’s products. This gives these customers another big edge when they use a certified roofing contractor’s services.

How to Determine If a Roofing Contractor You Want To Hire Is Certified to Install the Products That They Use

So now you know why it’s best to use a roofing contractor that is certified to use the roofing materials that they will install for you. The trick is being able to find out which roofing companies are certified to use what products. Most reputable roofing contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will list what products in which they are factory certified right on their website. They will also be able to show you a copy of the certification document that the roofing material manufacturer provided them with after they received their training. Don’t be afraid to ask for this document from any roofing contractor that you are considering hiring for your roofing project.

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