How to Create More Usable Counter Space in Your Small Kitchen

If you own a home that has a very small kitchen it can certainly cause you some problems when trying to prepare food. One of the biggest problems people with small kitchens mention is not having enough counter space. This can make any type of cooking become a frustrating experience. So how do you get the larger kitchen counter space you desire without tearing down your kitchen and starting over? The answer may be more obvious than you think.

Here are some excellent ways to expand the counter space in your small kitchen:

• Buy a portable island

There are a lot of portable small islands that can be purchased at your favorite home improvement center. When you have one of these you just wheel it out to give you more counter space when cooking and then stow it away in the laundry or storage room when not in use.

• Put up pegboard between your counter and cupboards

One of the best ways to expand counter space is to just free up the existing counter space you have. Coffee cups and other decorative counter items will look just as good hanging on hooks on the new pegboard that you put up between your kitchen counter and cupboards.

• Add a large folding cutting board to the end of the countertop

Folding items such as tables work great to create extra space in smaller kitchens. This also applies if you add a large folding cutting board to the end of your counter. When not cutting on it, this will give you some extra counter space to work with.

• Make a burner cover for your stovetop

This is one of the simplest and most overlooked ways to extend counter space in a small kitchen. Make a custom cover that fits over the burners on your stove and that stovetop becomes instant extra counter space.

• Put the space above your cupboards to good use

Just like it helps to put smaller items on pegboard hooks, so too will it help to store your bigger items you keep on your kitchen countertop above your cabinets, instead. Imagine the extra counter space you will have without toaster ovens, coffee makers, and microwave on it.

• Use the window sill for extra storage space

OK, so now you have smaller counter items on the pegboard and larger counter items stored above your cabinets. Now all that’s left is storing your medium-sized items such as blenders and toasters on the window sill.

Still Don’t Have Enough Kitchen Counter Space?

If you have tried these simple ideas and still do not have enough kitchen counter space, maybe it’s time to talk to a professional about renovating your kitchen. Companies like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon can give you some ideas on how to renovate your small kitchen without breaking the bank to do it. By doing this you can finally have that extra kitchen counter space you have been wanting. So, call a reputable local renovations contractor to get some ideas.

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