What You Can Tell About Renovations Contractors From Online Reviews?

If you are about to take on any type of renovation project in the near future, you will need to find a good contractor to do that work. Not every contractor that you will come across will be known for doing quality work. Fortunately, thanks to the internet these days, both good and bad news about contractors spreads fast. There are even sites like ‘Yelp’ and ‘Angie’s List’ that specialize in online reviews of renovations contractors in specific areas. If you read several of these reviews and interpret them properly, you can tell a lot about how each renovations contractor goes about conducting their business.

Here are some things you can learn about a contractor by properly interpreting online reviews.

The Quality of the Work That They Do

If a renovations or remodeling contractor does bad work you will definitely hear about it in online reviews. You will probably even see a trend start to form across multiple bad reviews. People who write reviews tend to complain more than they give compliments, so a lack of bad statements and lack of compliments about a renovations contractor may fall into the “no news is good news category”

If They Do Their Work in a Timely Manner

Timeliness is one of the biggest complaints that people have getting renovations work done. If supplies did not arrive on time, the work was started weeks after it was promised to start or there were several unexplained delays during the project, you will be sure to hear about this manner of complaints in online reviews.

How Helpful Their Design Team Is

Reputable renovations contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon have very good design teams. A good design is essential to any successful renovations project. So look for clues in online reviews that any renovations contractor you are thinking about hiring has a helpful design team.

Did they Do the Renovations Work as Stated in the Contract?

Hopefully, when someone hires a contractor to do a renovation for them, they get a detailed estimate describing the work to be done. That work should then proceed according to the accepted estimate. Take note in online reviews of any complaints against contractors that sound like they did not do the exact work stated in a contract.

If They Stand Behind the Completed Work

Even well-run businesses make mistakes from time to time and it’s no different for renovations contractors. What you want to determine from online reviews is if the contractor that made a mistake took steps to correct that problem. The contractors who stand behind their work make for a very good choice to do your upcoming renovations.

Were There Any Surprising Extra Costs Added to the Final Bill?

A knowledgeable and honest renovations contractor will do an estimate that pretty much eliminates the chance for any hidden costs. Stay away from contractors that are mentioned in online reviews as ones that surprised their customers multiple time with higher than expected final bills.

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