What are Outdoor Living Spaces and Why Have Them?

As many families grow it seems like the inside of their homes tend to feel smaller and more cramped at the same time. An easy solution to that problem is to build an addition or buy a new home but these can be awfully expensive solutions to the problem. So do you just have to deal with these crowded conditions and move on? We don’t think so and one affordable solution is to turn your unused outdoor space into an extra living area.

What exactly is an Outdoor living Space?

Many people have outdoor spaces around their home that kind of just take up space. It may be a car port, barren patio or even a flat rooftop area. When properly designed these areas can be upgraded and renovated so they become very useful extra living spaces. If done right they can also be decorated beautifully and increase your home’s resale value.

Why Do People like Them So Much?

What is the appeal of outdoor living spaces? For one there is definitely something to be said about not feeling closed in by having exterior walls on all four sides of you. People tend to really love to get fresh air too. Many outdoor living spaces enable you to entertain while still maintaining the privacy of your home and they can be built to enhance the views you get around your house too.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

What are some of the creative ways people design their outdoor living spaces? Here are a few suggestions from the professionals.

Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ
Entertaining and eating seem to always go hand-in-hand. So why not add a kitchen or barbeque area right into your new outdoor living space.

TV Viewing Area
An outdoor living area can become like a family room on steroids. A big screen TV and a large seating area can really add to those family bonding moments.

Pool Deck
That concrete walk deck around your pool can often be changed into something much more appealing and useful. By adding seats, tables and other effects it can take your backyard entertaining to a whole new level.

Fire Pit & Fire Places
Who doesn’t like to sit by a fire while they are entertaining or trying to relax? Incorporating a fire pit or fireplace into your outdoor living space can be a great idea.

How to Get Started With Your New Outdoor Living Space

The best way to get your new outdoor living space started is to talk with a local renovations contractor. They will come take a look at the area where you want your new outdoor living space to go and help you with suggestions and ideas. Many contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing will even let you consult for free with their design teams to help you come up with the most elaborate design possible for the budget you are working with.

So our advice is to not put up with those crowded inside areas of your home any longer and turn your unused outdoor area into a beautiful outdoor living space.

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