The Warning Signs that Indicate Your Shingled Roof Needs a Repair

Many of us take for granted that those shingles up on our home’s roof will work forever to keep leaks out. The truth is that’s hardly the case. As a matter of fact, some lesser quality shingles can start deteriorating very quickly, at around 15 years of use, and need to be replaced. The thing is you don’t want to wait until you get water in your home to realize your roof needs a repair. So how do you know when it’s time to repair your home’s shingled roof? Read on and we will tell you some of the warning signs that indicate a shingle roof repair on your home needs to be done sooner than later.

Signs Your Shingles Need Repair or Replacement

Here are some of the main signs that tell you a shingle roof repair or replacement may be necessary in your very near future.

If you have just purchased your home recently you may not know your roof’s age. But if you have owned it for a long time and you know the current shingles on it are over 20 years old you should strongly consider replacing them all.

Curling Shingle Edges
As shingles age they will naturally lose their rigidity as the substances they are composed of start to break down. When this happens you will see your shingle curl at the edges, cup up or even get areas of them that look like their bubbling up.

Dark Stains or Moss and Algae Growth on Your Roof
Plant life on your roof is not your friend and could be a sign of shingle rot or unwanted moisture retention areas on deteriorating shingles. So check your roof closely if you see dark stains or plant growth developing on it.

Large Patches of Single with Missing Granules/Cracks
If you notice many shingles on your roof are cracking, have large areas with missing granules or showing other signs of deterioration, you may need to replace your shingles. When you notice these things its important you don’t put off climbing up on your roof to take a closer look at your shingles.

Several of Your Neighbors Have Had Shingle Replacements Recently
Many homes in the same neighborhood had their roofs built at the same time. If many of your neighbors are all replacing their shingled roofs at the same time you may want to look at your shingles more closely.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask an Expert for Help

Maybe you are unsure whether your home’s roof truly is in need of a repair. So what do you do? We suggest strongly that you call an area roofing specialist to come look at your shingle roof to give you their professional opinion as to whether a repair is needed or not. Companies like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will even do that roof inspection for no cost in many cases. That makes it pretty sweet when it comes to getting a professional opinion as to whether your shingled roof needs repairing.

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