The Telltale Signs That Your Commercial Flat Roof Is Leaking or About To Leak

One of the toughest types of roofs to keep weathertight is a commercial flat roof. That’s because they do not have the natural water runoff capability that steeper slopes do. They also are applied as a membrane which makes them vulnerable to the elements at times. Over the years professional commercial roofing companies have learned to spot signs that will tell them a commercial flat roof is leaking or about to leak. We will discuss some of those here in this article.

Signs That Your Commercial Roof May Need a Repair at Any Moment

Here are some ways to tell that you either have or shortly will have a leaking problem with your commercial flat roof.

• Areas with pulled up or curled flashing

Anyone who has done roofing long enough will tell you the most vulnerable areas to leaking are those around chimney and roof vents that require flashing to seal them. If this flashing is curling, pulling up or visibly damaged you will have to have that commercial flat roof area inspected closely for leaks.

• Blistered or cracked membrane sections

If a hard object penetrates your roof commercial flat roof membrane and damages it, that should leave a mark that is pretty easy to spot and needs to be inspected. Cracking or blistering are also signs that your commercial membrane is no longer watertight.

• Poor membrane seam seals or visible seam separations

Some commercial roofing material such as EPDM roofing material (aka rubber roof) needs to be laid down in rolls and then seamed together with heat or chemicals. Over time these seams may pull apart or fail altogether and that’s a big problem.

• Water stains on interior walls or ceilings

When water leaks through your commercial flat roof it has to go somewhere and it’s not always obvious. Stains on your ceiling or interior walls are a pretty good indicator that something is amiss with your commercial flat roof.

• Moldy or Musty odors in your building’s interior after it rains

One of the surest signs that your commercial flat roof is leaking is not a visible one. It’s the musty and moldy odor that comes about when water gets inside the walls and ceilings of your commercial building.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Your Commercial Flat Roof Is Damaged or Leaking?

A good visual inspection by a trained professional is the best way to tell what condition your commercial flat roof is in. That’s because they are trained to see little things that might seem insignificant to you but are a big deal to them. So if you feel your commercial flat roof is showing signs of wear or potential leaking, then call your local roofing contractor and ask them to come to take a look. Many times roofing contractors such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will even do these commercial flat roofing inspections at no charge. The opinions of these talented roofing professionals should never be easily dismissed and always be carefully considered.

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