The Many Different Types of Vinyl Siding

When most people think of replacement vinyl siding they think of plain strips of this decorative exterior housing material. They know it comes in many different colors, but they have no idea of the different textures and shapes available. There really is a whole lot more variety in vinyl siding choices than what most people think. We are here to tell you more about that; what you learn just might surprise you and give you some ideas on how to change your home’s exterior look in a dramatic way.

Exciting Types of Textured and Decorative Vinyl Siding

Here are some of the highly decorative types of vinyl siding that many people do not even know exists:

• Scalloped

This type of vinyl siding really adds a different look to your home. It’s used more to act as a highlight to other types of vinyl siding. Think of it as a curtain on a wall and how much that curtain changes the look of a room when it’s attached to that wall. It’s perfect for giving a home a more traditional or classic look.

• Shake

Do you really like the look of shake siding but the thought of its upkeep and somewhat short life really scare you? Then vinyl siding that’s made to mimic its look may be the perfect answer for you. You get almost the same look in an affordable and maintenance free form.

• Vertical

Want your home’s exterior to stand out from those homes around it. Then try installing vinyl siding that runs up and down instead of being hung horizontally. This is an extremely popular choice in vinyl siding for those that want a non-traditional look to their home’s exterior.

• Dutch Lap

This is a slightly different take on the type of vinyl siding that has been around the longest. The only way it differs from plain vinyl siding is there is a decorative pattern to it that makes it look almost like real wood.

• Mix and Match

Many people combine more than one of these different types of siding mentioned above. The look can very beautiful and unique, to say the least.

How to Get That New Vinyl Siding Job Started

So now that you have some new ideas on how you want to use vinyl siding to spruce up the looks of your home exterior, just what is the best way to get that project started? We suggest you find a local contractor that specializes in that type of exterior work. Have the ones you are interested in come to your home and inspect its existing siding and give you an estimate to replace it. Siding contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will even do this part of the service at no charge. Get three estimates and choose a contractor to do the work. Keep in mind that the cheapest price does not always get you the highest quality work done.

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