The Most Common Leak Problems on Commercial Flat Roofs

If you own a commercial building with a large flat roof surface, you can run into many problems with that roofing surface. One of the most frustrating problems with commercial flat roofs happens when they leak. Flat roof leaks can be hard to find and even harder to repair. The best way to prevent any commercial flat roof from leaking is to be aware of what the leading causes of leaks are on flat roof surfaces. That is what we will go over with you in this article.

Common Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Here are some areas on commercial flat roofs which are worth keeping an eye on because of how often leaks occur there.

Ponding water areas
Most commercial owners see ponding water on their roof as a good thing because the water is not leaking out. Although this line of thought may initially be correct, eventually that standing water will start to do damage that ultimately causes a leak. So ponding areas on a roof should be made to allow water to run off as soon as possible.

Membrane seams
If you have what is known as a rubber roof or other type of roof membrane material, you should have someone periodically check where these sheets of material are seamed together. Membrane roof seams are prone to failure over time and even small seam failures can result in a huge roof leak.

Corroded or damaged flashing
If you look around your commercial flat roof you will see pieces of metal around every object such as vent pipes that protrudes through the roof. These pieces of metal are called flashing and they are there to provide a surface to help seal around objects which stick up through your roof. Over time these pieces of flashing will get corroded, battered and even punctured which can result in a leak.

Discolored areas
Large discolored areas of roofing material on your roof are not your friend. These can be the result of poor roofing materials, areas of roofing material that have been weakened by the sun’s powerful rays or even roof areas that have been battered frequently by the elements. These discolored areas are often weak spots in your roof material where leaks can easily form. Roof discoloration can also be a sign that your roof is getting old and a new commercial roof coating should be considered.

What to Do If You Get a Leak on Your Commercial Flat Roof

So you now know the most common leak areas with commercial flat roofs. So what do you do if your commercial roof actually starts to leak? The best answer here is to call your local commercial roofing professional. Commercial roofing experts like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will even come to your commercial property and check your roof at no charge. After the inspection, your local commercial roofing contractor should also be able to provide you with an estimate for what it will take to fix the leaks they found in your commercial flat roofing surface.

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