Determining if a New Standing Seam Metal Roof is Right for Your Home

So your roof is aging and a few roofing inspections have revealed that it’s time for you to put a whole new roof covering on. Your neighbor down the street has just switched over to metal roof panels and you really like the look. The question is how do you know if standing seam metal roof panels are the right way for you to go as your new roof covering of choice? The only way to decide that is if you know the good and bad points that standing seam metal roofing offers.

The Good and Bad Points of Using Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels

Here are the pros and cons of installing standing seam metal roofs on top of your home:

The Good

Here are the best things about having new metal roofing panels installed on your home.

They look great
If you have ever seen a roof done up in raised seen metal roofing panels, you have probably been amazed at how good they look once the installation has been completed.

They are durable
Standing seam metal roofing panels are one of the most durable roof coverings. They are coated so they no longer corrode and most will now last over 50 years.

They are virtually leak-free
Since this type of metal roof covering is seamed a few inches above the water runoff channel, even if the seams fail at some point they still will not be prone to leaking.

They can help keep your home cooler
The shiny surface of your new metal roof material will reflect some of the sun’s heat-producing rays away from your home during the daytime. This will actually help keep your home cooler and your air conditioning bills lower.

The Bad

Here are the worst things about having new metal roofing panels installed on your home.

They cost more
The biggest reason that people do not choose to install metal roofing panels is they simply don’t fit in their budget. This is definitely one of the most expensive roofing materials as far as the initial cost goes.

The old roofing material must be completely removed before installing
If you want to add this type of roofing material you cannot simply place it over any other type of existing roofing material; that old roofing material on top of your home must be completely stripped off down to the insulation.

How to Proceed to Get Your New Standing Seam Metal Roof

The best way to get going having a new standing seam metal roof installed is to get a few estimates from some reputable local roofing contractors. Many times established roofing companies like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing of Beaverton, Oregon will inspect your roof and give you a standing seam metal roof quote for free. Get two or three estimates to select from. Don’t just choose the lowest quote either. Sometimes paying a little bit more for a contractor with a great reputation is well worth the small amount of extra money you will spend.

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