Fall is a Great Time for These Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Many people are under the impression that it’s best to get exterior home improvement projects done during the spring and summer. That simply is not true in all cases. As a matter of fact, there are some exterior home improvement projects that are better left until the fall. Many home improvement companies will even offer good discounts on fall exterior home improvements in order to keep their cash flow going and their crews busy.

Here are some exterior home improvements where the fall is a perfect time to get them done.


This is one type of exterior home improvement project that you don’t want to be doing in hot weather. That’s because the paint dries too fast and it causes a paint job to not look as good. So why not get that painting project done under cooler fall temperatures? It’s even easier on your body to paint during the fall if you decide to take on the project yourself.

Gutter and Downspout Replacement

Are your gutters hanging down in spots? Maybe there are long sections that look bent or out of place. Those conditions can cause your roof to leak or even worse, they can cause structural damage to your roof’s support structure. Fall is the perfect time to have a contractor come and give you an estimate to install new gutters and downspouts. Many contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will even do an inspection and give you a gutter replacement estimate for free. At the very least get up on a ladder and paint your old gutters to make them look better and to make sure they are still securely attached.

Roof Repairs

Let’s face it. During the hotter months of the year, it’s tough on any roofing crew to be up on a roof. It’s even tougher to work with roofing materials when they are heated up by the sun’s warm rays. If you ask any shingle manufacturer, they will even confirm that asphalt shingles lay down better when it’s cooler out. That makes the fall a perfect time to get a new roof covering or the roof repairs done that you have been putting off. Once again you may even find some nice discounts out there on fall roofing projects.

Window Replacement

Cold weather can really wreak havoc when it comes to your utility bills. One of the worst places for heat loss on any home is around the windows. Do you still have the original windows that came with your older home? If you answered yes, then maybe it’s time to consider replacing those windows and the fall is a perfect time to do that. The money you will save on your utility bills will even help offset the cost of your new windows. New replacement windows also come with added bonuses. They will make your home look better and they are now designed to be easier than ever to clean.

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