5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Black and White Color Palette

1. It never goes out of style

There’s an old saying in the interior design world, good design stands the test of time. Black and white interiors never go out of fashion and always feel chic, crisp, and relevant.

2. It’s affordable

When you are trying to pull off bold bright colors for tile, cabinets, and lighting,  typically the options are limited (ahem) custom and the price seems to go up and up along with the lead times. A basic white subway tile with a black hex floor is not only timeless it is easy on the eyes and the wallet.

3. It pairs with anything

Let’s say you go for a black and white color palette and you want to start accessorizing with art, soft goods, paint, and furniture. GOOD NEWS you can literally pair any wood tone, color, or aesthetic with this utilitarian color palette. 

4. Low-risk option

We’ve all been there, analysis paralysis trying to make sure we make the right choice! If you are stumped, are designing to sell, or simply can’t decide… Black and White is a timeless, affordable, easy to style, low-risk option. It’s clean, crisp, and minimal, unlikely to offend anyone’s sense of style. 

5. It looks elegant without trying too hard

A Black and White palette is iconic, it gives the feel of discerning simplicity. Take it from Coco Chanel who swore by Black and White. It is a very easy way to exude elegance and good taste without a high price tag.

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