3 Golden Rules for Designing a Pet Friendly Home

We love our pets but they don’t always mix with an elevated design. You may love your new sofa yet cringe every time you see fur on it. Your hardwood floors are beautiful but every time you hear the click clack of your puppy’s nails potentially wreaking havoc. So how can you avoid making design mistakes that highlight the pet owner pitfalls? Simple, follow these three golden rules and you’ll be in the clear.

Rule 1: Pay attention to the fur

If your pet sheds a lot and you don’t have time to obsessively vacuum and clean, choose fabrics, rugs and colors that blend in with your pet’s fur color rather than contrast with it. This is especially important for area rugs, bedspreads and sofas (if you’re the type to share furniture with your fur baby). Make sure to select fabrics that don’t cling to fur such as leather, silk/rayon/taffeta, linen, tweed and microfiber, avoid velvet.

Rule 2: Choose appropriate materials

You need to design while working with reality instead of against it. White carpet is probably the last thing to choose if you have an indoor/outdoor pet that will leave soiled footprints on it. Alternatively, a dark high gloss hardwood floor will show every little mark and scratch your pet’s paws might leave behind. Go for high-performance materials such as Petmaster nylon carpet or Smartstrand carpet by Mohawk, choose hardwoods in a light matte finish that is less likely to show marks, and consider heavy-duty finishes such as tile or luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Rule 3: Design with your pet’s needs in mind

Why not consider incorporating your pet’s needs into your design so that they seamlessly blend with your new remodel. There are many ways to incorporate amenities for your pets in a stylish way; from a thoughtfully placed doggie door, concealed kitty litter quarters, food storage, dog washes and pet food stations. Talk to your designer about how you can include your furry friend in the planning process. 

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