We used Evergreen for the first time about a year ago to install hardwood flooring and both crown and baseboard molding throughout our home, as well as to retexture and paint all ceilings. They were communicative and professional, and completed all projects right on schedule. We were so happy with them that within a couple months elected to hire them to remodel our kitchen. We met with Kayed to discuss what our wishes were for the new kitchen, and how best to utilize the space. He had some great suggestions for how to maximize the functionality and was clearly committed to giving us a kitchen we would love. The remodel included removal of everything, including two walls and a soffit, and then a buildout with custom cabinetry, conversion to gas stove, a HUGE island, new backsplash, etc. We had couple of “creative moments”, stemming from our house having an uneven subfloor, and needing to tie in additional hardwood flooring to the recently installed hardwoods. These were issues that were clearly uncommon, but they figured out fantastic solutions and the end product feels intentional vs. like a fix. Throughout the process, everyone we met from both Brian and Kayed to each sub they used was fantastic (Victor especially seemed to be a regular fixture in our house and was fantastic at every turn). We are once again so happy with the end result, and (when we have the energy for another remodeling project) are already planning on using Evergreen to remodel our master bathroom!