Tips for Building the Perfect Fire Pit

Have you always wanted to make a fire pit part of an outdoor living space around your home? Then, by all means, you should go ahead and do it. It’s probably much more affordable than you might think. This is especially true if you do some of the work yourself. There is, however, a right way and a wrong way to add a fire pit area to your home’s yard. We are going to offer you some tips in this article on how to do it the right way.

Take This Advice to Help Make Your Fire Pit Turn Out Nicely

Here are some suggestions to help your new fire pit turn out as functional and as fun as possible:

Overstating the obvious – Your Fires Need to Be Safe
The location of your fire pit is very important for safety reasons. Don’t build it in areas that are very windy or are overly dry a good portion of the year. You also don’t want to build it too close to your house or in a location where the prevailing winds will drive the smoke towards your neighbor’s outdoor entertainment areas.

Also, you want to clear a wide area around the actual fire pit to prevent accidents caused by drifting ashes or sparks. Even the cleanest burning woods give of these things. So make sure you completely clear the area around 10’ – 15’ feet in all directions around the fire pit. This should then be filled in with pavers, stone or gravel.

Dig your fire pit down a little
This will make your fires easier to build and maintain while keeping them safer too. It will also make them feel more like an open fire than if you build a high containment wall around your fire pit.

Line your fire pit with metal
Even if your fire pit is made of masonry stones stacked up it will still tend to deteriorate under high heat conditions. You can avoid some of this by lining your fire pit with steel to trap the heat better. It will also keep you warmer when using it.

Size your fire pit accordingly
Having a fire pit that is too big or too small will take away from its looks for sure. The size of your fire pit should be determined by the number of seats that you will place around it.

Getting Your New Fire Pit Professionally Done

OK, so you came up with how you want your fire pit to be done but that type of work is not your forte. You may be wondering how to get started finding a contractor to do the work for you. A good place to start is finding a local contractor that specializes in outdoor living areas. Contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon are always willing to help you with the design and installation phases of your fire pit project. So, get a couple of bids from some reputable local contractors and get started making that fire pit you always wanted a reality.

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