The Many Benefits of Whole House Window Replacement

One of the best and most affordable ways to give your home a makeover is to do a whole house window replacement. It’s amazing that more people don’t do this with the efficient and good looking designs of today’s easy to replace vinyl windows. Even homes with older designs of vinyl windows can generally get several benefits from replacing them. Best of all, even though the quality of vinyl window replacement designs has gone up the prices of these windows are still more affordable than ever.

Let’s take a look at some of the major and lesser known advantages of whole house window replacement.

Window Replacement Promotes Home Energy Cost Savings

Those who do undertake whole house window replacement often cite energy savings as the main reason why, and this is certainly a very good reason. Newer designs incorporate several panes of glass and some are even vacuum sealed to form a significant moisture and air barrier. Replacement vinyl windows will definitely pay for themselves over time with the money you save on energy bills.

There is one thing that many homeowners are not aware of though when it comes to whole house window replacement. Sure, the energy savings you will get with new vinyl windows is great but there are other benefits, too.

Some Lesser Known Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

• Aesthetics

Who does not want their home to look better? Windows are one of the main factors in your home’s looks. Older, dull, drab windows can significantly take away from the curb appeal of your home. Sure, a bit of sanding and a coat of fresh paint may help but it will not even come close to brightening up your home’s looks like a brand new set of replacement windows.

This is the very reason why home window sales teams carry before and after photos of window replacement jobs. The difference in looks between the old and new windows is usually very significant.

• Added light

Today’s modern window designs allow more light into your home than ever before. This means you can save even more on energy costs by using less artificial lighting. It is also well-known that increases in the amount of natural light coming into a room can dramatically change the look and feel of that room too. Interior designers will sometimes purposely choose a certain type of window to install because of the amount of natural light it lets in.

• UV protection

Increased natural lighting is great but it also has a downside. UV rays found in natural lighting can do such things as fade carpet and furniture upholstery very quickly. That’s not a problem for today’s replacement windows because most manufacturers add UV inhibiting properties to the replacement windows that they make. Not only is the light that comes through safer for delicate carpets and fabric, but it is also friendlier to human bodies and eyes as well.

• Increased home value

Your home will look better if you have new vinyl replacement windows installed and it will be easier to sell for a better price if you decide to put it on the market. Potential buyers know the value that new replacement windows bring to a home and this will add value if you ever have it appraised for loan purposes, too.

• Easy maintenance

Have you ever tried painting a window? It’s not easy for sure but it’s something you will never have to worry about again with today’s modern replacement windows. Newer style home replacement windows also break down easy for simple cleaning.

• Less noise

Not only do multiple panes of glass and vacuum sealing mean air and moisture have a harder time penetrating your windows but sound waves have a tougher time passing through them also. A whole house window replacement will help insulate your home better than ever before from outside noise pollution.

• Safety

Newer style replacement window designs are not only designed to be sealed better but the locking mechanisms on them are also much more advanced than they used to be. Today’s vinyl and other style replacement windows make your home much more secure than it ever was before.

• Your home becomes greener

Well sealed windows not only cut down on home energy costs but installing them also means that you will use less fossil fuels to heat and cool your home. This will help contribute to your home being much greener and environmentally friendly.

Are Vinyl Replacement Windows Expensive To Install?

One thing many people do not realize about vinyl replacement windows is that they come in all different shapes and sizes. They can even be special ordered for houses that have unusual window dimensions. So as long as you do not have to rebuild your window frame size, vinyl replacement windows can be easily installed and this generally helps keep installation prices very low. Usually all that is needed to install properly sized replacement windows are leveling shims and caulking.

The Sooner You Replace Your Windows the Sooner You Get these Many Great Benefits

It does not cost you anything to pick up the phone and ask your local home improvement contractor some general questions about installing vinyl replacement windows. Most will even be willing to come to your home, look at your windows and give you a free estimate as to what it would cost to change your windows over to new better looking and more efficient vinyl windows. Companies such as Evergreen Roofing & Renovations in the Beaverton/Portland, Oregon area have a wide selection of replacement window choices and excellent crews to install them for you.

The sooner you make the call and get your new replacement windows installed the sooner you can start enjoying the many benefits that a whole house window replacement can provide.

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