The Main Differences Between Interior and Exterior Doors

Are you getting ready to do a renovation around your home? If you are, it will take a lot of advanced planning to get it done right. You will first have to pick out all of the materials that you want to use. One of the choices you will have to make is whether you will replace any of your existing doors or not. If you decide you will, then it’s not as simple as just going to a home improvement center and grabbing a door. You even have to be able to tell if the door you are looking to buy is an interior or exterior door. You certainly don’t want to use the wrong door in the wrong place. Here are some of the individual characteristics of exterior and interior doors that make them different.

Interior Door Characteristics

• Lighter

Many times, interior doors are not solid all the ways through and they don’t need to be. They are also made of such materials as fiberboard or wood sheathing which also keeps them very lightweight

• Less expensive

Since they do not need to be made of solid materials such as wood or steel, interior doors tend to be much less expensive than exterior doors are. It’s one of the main reasons you don’t want to select an exterior door to use as an interior door.

• No windows

Interior doors or more for privacy purposes or to hide something like items in storage. That’s why you rarely if ever see windows in interior doors.

Exterior Door Characteristics

• Sturdy/More secure

Exterior doors are an integral part of any home’s security. That’s why over 50% of exterior doors are made of heavy woods or metal.

• More decorative

You will also find that exterior doors are much more decorative than interior doors are. If they are made of wood, they usually have decorative panels. They almost always have windows in them too. Windows tend to further enhance the looks of any exterior door.

• Insulated/Weather resistant

Not only do exterior doors have to be strong and secure but they also have to be able to handle adverse weather. They must be able to stand up to moisture and be well insulated.

Who Can Help You with Door Selection for Your Renovation?

So now that it’s time to pick out the new interior or exterior doors for your renovation, just how do you get started with that? The best way is to talk with the contractor who will do the renovation for you. They often will have some useful advice that will help you choose the right doors. Some contractors like Evergreen Renovations and Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon, will even let you consult their design team members for advice. These people know all about how to choose interior and exterior doors that are functional and complement their surroundings. So take advantage of any help your renovations contractor can give you.

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