The Different Types of Custom Decks and Deck Surface Materials

If you thought deciding what type of deck you will build at your home was going to be easy guess again. As deck builders have become innovators there are now many choices in the types of deck you can add at your home. In this article we will quickly go over the most popular of these deck types and also talk a little more about the types of deck surface materials that are now being used on them.

An Overview of Custom Deck Choices

Here is what many consider the most popular choices in custom built decks available today:

Attached deck
This is the more traditional type of deck that is attached to your existing home to add extra outdoor living space.

Island deck
This is a stand-alone deck. The nice thing about island decks is you can locate them anyplace in your yard you have room for them.

Wraparound deck
These are mostly done on upper home floors to provide a relaxing area off a bedroom that may also give you spectacular views in some locations.

Swimming pool deck
These are a nice alternative to the drab concrete decks that are often placed around most swimming pools. They can also be tiered to add a cooking space or sunbathing area.

Multi-level deck
If you have the money and a big house, this type of deck can add lots of style and extra outdoor living space to your home.

You Have Many Choices These Days in Deck Surface Materials

No longer do you see only wood used on the floors of custom-built decks. Here are some of the main materials that people are using for deck surfaces:

Treated wood
Still the number one custom deck surface but others are rapidly gaining.

More expensive but these make for a sturdy and beautiful looking custom deck surface.

You will pay more for this deck material but it’s virtually indestructible and maintenance free. It stays good-looking forever, too.

This is a slightly cheaper deck material than composites but it’s still strong. It stays nice looking with less effort than it takes to maintain wooden decks.

That’s right you heard it here. Thin layers of concrete laid over wood are becoming a popular deck material choice these days. They can even be stamped to simulate natural stone or pavers.

When In Doubt Consult With a Professional Deck Builder

Are you having trouble deciding which type of deck is right for you? Then we highly suggest you talk with a local deck contractor to see if their expertise can help. Companies like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon are more than happy to sit down with you to help you come up with the best custom deck option for you.

No matter what you decide, you can never go wrong building a custom deck that will give you some extra living space and a nice place to relax when the weather is nice outside.

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