The Different Parts of Your Roof

By: Kalley Danese

Knowing the different components that make up your roof is important for any homeowner. Familiarizing yourself with the various parts can help you better understand key functions of your roof, as well as more easily identify when something is amiss with your roof. The following article will help you better understand different parts of your roof and how they all function together.

Shingles and Shingle Caps

Most of us are familiar with the appearance and size of shingles. Shingles are used for decoration only, but can come in handy to buffer and protect your roof’s structure from weather or other conditions. For additional decoration and to give your roof a clean and professional look, shingle caps are placed along the ridges and edges. They are identical to the other shingles on your roof, they are just placed differently.

Starter Strips

These strips come in a few different kinds of forms. They are used primarily for weather blocking and to prevent water build up. Starter strips are installed with the shingles and require precision and exact placement to work properly. It is important that you know you are using the right strips for your roof. Contacting a professional and enlisting their help with this step is important. Although starter strips often come with perforated edges and pre-cut pieces to size, you will want to make sure you are using the right strips for your roof and needs. Be sure to hire a professional roofer or seek the advice of a professional to make sure you purchase the right strips for your roof.


Flashing are the metal seals you may see lining certain areas of your roof. Areas of your roof that are more prone to leaks will often have flashing in place. The space around pipes and chimneys, for example, will often have flashing.

Water Shields

These shields serve a similar purpose to flashing, but are underneath the shingles and between the roof’s structure. They protect your roof from water, snow, and ice, ultimately to stop any leaks. Water and ice shields can help save you a significant amount of money by reducing the need for repairs. If you live in an area that receives heavy rain and snow, it is wise to invest in the best possible water shied for your roof and ensure it is properly installed by a professional roofer.

Roof Decking

Roof decking also helps protect your roof and is underneath both the shingles and the water shield. It is the additional and final layer of protection for your roof. They are most commonly built with wood, but may be made of different materials depending on your needs.


You may notice small vents on various sections of your roof. Having the right ventilation system is critical for the temperature control of your attic and other rooms of your home on the top floors. Vents also help control and regulate moisture. In the long run, these functions help to preserve the materials of your roof and reduce the need for repairs in the future.

Working with a Professional Roofer

Due to the risks involved in roof repair, it is highly advised that you work with a professional roofer in your local area to evaluate your roof and offer you the best solutions. Roofing specialists have a vast understanding of the various components of your roof and how to repair them properly.

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