Kitchen Remodeling: Ideas to Borrow From Restaurant Kitchens

Professional kitchens excel in functionality and are designed to handle constant use. Did you know that you can bring these features to your home? By borrowing design ideas from restaurants, you can achieve not only a beautiful but also useful kitchen. 

A local remodeling and roofing contractor shares commercial kitchen design and workflow ideas you should consider for your home. 

Open Shelving

You can give your kitchen more character with open shelving. Display your favorite spices in beautiful organizers and they will act as accessories in the room. These shelves are also great for your pots and pans as well as your china collection.

White Subway Tiles

Today, white subway tiles aren’t only popular in commercial kitchens but also homes. In fact, it’s been widely used in American kitchens in the past decade. You’ve probably seen this famous floor-to-ceiling tile option in many movies. 

Stainless Surfaces

Another interior design idea you can get from restaurant kitchens is the use of stainless surfaces. This material doesn’t stain nor holds on to bacteria since it’s not porous. You can also place hot pans on stainless surfaces without issues. 

Kitchen Stations

Commercial kitchens have prep, cooking and dishwashing stations. It’s the same for your home’s kitchen, which has areas for prep, cooking, dishwashing and food storage. You may also have a space for your beverages or bar and a kitchen table. 

Food Storage

With an organized pantry, you can easily find the ingredients of your next meal. You can use stackable glass or plastic containers for a clean and organized pantry. Another thing that would make your life easier is labeling these containers. This way, you don’t have to waste your time looking through cupboards when prepping. 

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