How to Remodel Your Bathroom on a Budget

Some of the most neglected rooms in a house when it comes to remodeling are bathrooms. That’s a shame because a stylishly remodeled bathroom can add to and dramatically enhance the looks of your home’s interior. Many people say they are reluctant to remodel their bathrooms because of the cost factor. There are some tricks that professionals use when remodeling bathrooms that will really save you some money while at the same time giving your bathrooms a whole new look and feel.

Let’s explore some ways that professionals still manage to nicely remodel a bathroom without spending a lot of the homeowner’s money.

Make a budget and stick to it

It’s very hard to remodel a bathroom on a budget if you don’t have an actual budget drawn up for the job. Remodeling a bathroom on a budget requires a two pronged approach to making the budget. It should include both a plan with the figures attached to it and an additional amount set aside for a little bit of flexibility. Emphasis on the word ‘little’ because that will help you stick as close to your set budget as possible.

Why make a budget first? Because it’s easier to fit items into a set budget than it is to pick out items first and then make a budget work. By sticking as close to your budget as possible it will also make the newly remodeled bathroom even more satisfying when you look at it.

Budgeting will also help you with your design because you will know what remodeling materials you will have to work with to stay on budget.

Don’t move the plumbing

One of the most expensive parts of any bathroom remodeling project is trying to relocate the plumbing. This can easily cause all sorts of problems and extra expense. That’s because most plumbing is hidden in walls and floors and changing the plumbing layout often requires tearing these same walls and floors up to do it. This is what leads to a bathroom remodeling project starting to drift towards the more costly side.

If you use a little creativity or hire a professional to redesign the bathroom there won’t be any problems creating extra space and changing the bathrooms old look even if the plumbing fixtures remain in the same locations.

Try not using tile

Sometimes it’s hard to understand why everyone who remodels a bathroom insists on using tile. Sure it sheds water great and can add some good looks to your bathroom but there are less expensive materials that fit in that mold too. Some excellent inexpensive choices include such things as board and batten, reclaimed wood panels and other decorative but inexpensive woods. If these are installed right you won’t lose anything looks wise and you will give your bathroom a most welcome softer feel too.

Maybe you don’t trust any material but tile on the floor because of its water resistance. Then at least compromise and use tile on the floor but redo the walls using less expensive materials.

Refinish don’t replace major fixtures

One way to have the price of your bathroom remodeling project quickly skyrocket is to start replacing your major fixtures like toilets, tubs and sinks. There really are not a lot of cheap alternatives when it comes to replacing your main bathroom fixtures. The good news is you can spruce these items up to achieve the look you want in your remodel without going to the expense of replacing them.

Refinishing your tub, toilet and sink are the answer here. It used to be that fixture refinishing was a once size fits all deal without a lot of style and color choices but that’s hardly the case these days. When refinishing sinks, toilets and tubs you not only have a wide variety of colors to choose from but you can also choose different textures and patterns to create a very unique look.

Change the hardware and fixture accents

Do you want to know one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to change the entire look of your bathroom? The easiest way to do this is by changing out the hardware and fixture accents found throughout your bathroom. Drawer knobs, faucet heads, faucet knobs and showerheads can be cheaply replaced in most cases yet still ad a distinct new look to your bathroom.

Redo the lighting

Believe it or not lighting plays a big part in the looks of any bathroom remodeling job. Lighting can be used to set the mood and tone you are trying to create in your newly remodeled bathroom. Soft lighting helps create more of a traditional look and if you like a more modern style bathroom brighten it up a little bit. What’s the best thing about lighting? If you shop around you can add some new light fixtures that are decorative and set the mood for a reasonable amount of money.

Use a Spacer on the Toilet Flange

Are you thinking you need to change your toilet because the height of your bathroom floor is different after the remodel? You don’t have to consider this anymore. You can simply add a wax ring extender for about $6 to enable your existing toilet to fit the extra thickness of your new bathroom floor just fine.

Don’t Put Off That Bathroom Remodel Any Longer

So there you have it. These are some time-tested and very creative ways to save a bunch of money on a bathroom remodeling project. So stop thinking you have to save up for years to get your bathroom remodeling done and start it soon. You will be simply amazed how good your newly renovated bathroom can look even without spending a lot of money.

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