How to Get Extra Living Space Without the Expense of Moving

It’s unfortunate that as your family grows and needs more space that your home can’t grow with it. Or can it? Most people when they realize they need more living space in their home go through the hassle and expense of selling their old home and purchasing a new one. This is not always necessary though. There are some straightforward and simple things to do to your home that will give you that extra living space that you crave. Here are some examples of that.

• Finish your basement

Many people have basements in their home that act as unfinished storage areas, or they are only partially finished. You may not realize but this creates a great opportunity to add further to your home’s living space. Unfinished basements just happen to be one of the most practical and affordable ways to increase living space around the home.

• Add a custom deck

Here is an idea that not many people think of when it comes to creating extra living space around the home. That’s because most of the time decks are not covered (but they can be). But a custom deck can be made fully functional to cater to your extra living space needs. That means you can make it an outdoor barbeque area, a relaxing sitting area or and additional place around your home to entertain guests. The choice is up to you because you will be designing your deck yourself to meet your needs.

• Make an outdoor living space

Just like decks, outdoor living spaces are often overlooked when it comes to expanding living space around the home. That blah patio off the back of your house can be easily turned into and outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. If you work with an experienced outdoor living space contractor such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon; they will help you out with everything from the design to the installation of your new outdoor living space.

• Build an accessory dwelling

Do you have a detached garage that is only being used as a glorified storage shed? That’s a great opportunity to create some additional living space around your home. It’s easy to add walls, partitions, bathrooms, and other features to repurpose your detached garage. You can even have your older kids stay there to learn how to be independent as they grow towards adulthood.

• Put on an addition

You can also add an addition on your home as an affordable and hassle-free way to add extra living space. You can even make the design of it fully your own, so the addition serves the exact purpose that you want it to.

• Renovate your homes floor plan

Knocking out a few walls and rearranging your homes floor plan can help you gain some extra living space for sure. It can do such things as make living rooms feel more spacious and open and create enough room for an additional bedroom.

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