How to Create a Great Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen remodeling project in itself is already an exciting prospect, but when you have the opportunity to create a kitchen outside of your home for your family to enjoy a great backyard dining experience makes it all more exciting. However, creating a great outdoor kitchen isn’t the same as your normal kitchen as it follows some unique processes.

In this post, your trusted kitchen and roofing contractor, Evergreen Renovations & Roofing, shares how you can create a great outdoor kitchen depending on your needs.

Just the Essentials

When you’re planning to create an outdoor kitchen for you and your family to enjoy, first, you’ll need to consider your needs. Think about what you’ll usually cook in your outdoor kitchen and start from there. For instance, if you love a medium steak that’s juicy and overflowing with flavor, then a built-in gas grill is a must for your kitchen. If you enjoy sweet ribs that fall off the bone, you’ll need a robust BBQ smoker to create this dish. Also, it’s a must to have sufficient ventilation even if it’s an outdoor kitchen. Have an overhead vent hood installed as well as island vent panels? Protect your island with an insulated jacket as well.

For Bigger Parties

As you grow more confident in cooking outdoors, you’re more likely to invite more friends over to enjoy a great meal with you and your family. Your exterior and interior design expert would tell you that you’ll have to add more to your outdoor kitchen to cater to their needs and your growing culinary palate. For this addition, you might want to get griddles to cook large portions of meals in. Also, if you’re interested in preparing desserts and cold plates, you’ll need to get an icebox as well.

Full-Blown Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re planning to make a full-blown backyard party, not only do you have to factor in your equipment, but also your outdoor amenities to entertain your guests. Since you probably already have all the necessary kitchen equipment to prepare the meals you have in mind, you’ll need the equipment to set the vibe for your backyard. As such, you’ll want to add speakers, outdoor TVs, fans, patio heaters, and other furniture.

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