Helpful Ways to Save Money on Roof Repair Costs

I don’t know of anyone except maybe my richest friends that like to spend money needlessly. It’s just not something that should be in anybody’s nature. That’s why most people look to save money on projects around their home any way they can. Such is the case if your home needs a roof repair. This can be an expensive job if you are not careful. So here are some steps you can take to help minimize the cost of your upcoming roof repair

• Get at least three estimates

Not every contractor who gets up on your roof and inspects it will see things the same way. Some may even suggest roofing work that you don’t really need to have done. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get at least three estimates when it’s time to get your roof repaired. Compare these estimates closely. You might find a contractor that suggests getting work done that the other two do not feel you need.

• Shop around

Some people think they cannot shop around to get a better deal on a roof repair. This is simply not the case. This is another reason why you have to get more than one estimate for your roof repair. You also don’t want to be afraid to try and work out a deal with a contractor you like if another offers a lower price. So use some shopping and negotiation skills to get a roof repair discount.

• Look for off-season discounts

There is definitely a season that roofers are much busier than at other times of the year. Because of this you might be able to take advantage of some seasonal discounts. Roofing companies who are experiencing a lull in work will probably advertise that they are offering discounts to get work done right then. So look for these or make some phone calls.

• Have your insurance work for you

If you take a close look at your homeowner’s policy you will see it covers most everything but wear. That means that after a hail or strong wind storm you may be able to make a legitimate claim that will help you get your roof repair paid for.

• See if you can do some of the work yourself

If you are a handy person you may ask your roofing company if you can save some money by doing part of the work yourself. This can be doing such things as shingle tear-off or the clean up after the work is done.

• Consider a roof overlay

If you have a shingle roof you can save some money on your roof repair by overlaying a new layer of shingles over your existing one. This is never something you want to do unless you only have your original layer of shingle on your home. Not having to tear off your old roof covering will save you a lot of money. Contractors such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon will give you an honest opinion as to whether or not a roof overlay is recommended.

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