Exploring the Differences Between a Remodel and a Renovation

There are two home construction terms that are often used interchangeably but really should not be. Those terms are remodeling and renovating. They actually have two very different meanings to those in the construction industry. So it’s a good idea to get to know them if you are thinking about taking on a renovation or remodeling project at your home in the near future.

Why is it important to know the difference between these two construction terms? That’s because misusing them can lead to confusion between you and your general contractor as to exactly what you want from them. That’s obviously never a good thing when it concerns a large construction project.

What Exactly Is a Renovation?

A renovation is when you take an existing structure and work with that as the base of your construction project. It may involve such tasks as replacing windows, adding new flooring or putting in new bathroom fixtures. You just don’t change any part of the support structure in an existing home.

What Exactly Is a Remodel?

Remodel is kind of the opposite of a renovation because it involves changing a home’s structure in some way. ‘The keyword here is ‘alter’. That’s because most of the time it involves tearing down, building back up or expanding the areas in a home.

Why Choose a Renovation Over a Remodel?

Here are some of the more common reasons that someone would want to renovate a home as opposed to remodeling it:

The timeframe you have to work with. Renovations are usually quicker to do than remodeling.
For budget purposes. Since renovations involve working with the original structure they usually cost less.
People who will not be staying in a home for many years to come often choose to renovate their home as opposed to doing a more expensive remodel.

Why Choose a Remodel Over a Renovation?

Here are some of the more common reasons that someone would want to remodel a home as opposed to renovating it:

  • A remodel will get you the exact look you want from a finished project and make it uniquely your own.
  • Choose this option over a renovation if you need more living space.
  • Remodeling your home can make areas of it more useful and user-friendly.

So Which Is Best For You on Your Upcoming Construction Project at Your Home?

That’s actually a very difficult question to answer. That’s because everyone who takes on one or the other of these popular construction projects have different reasons for doing them, different budget ranges and different timeframes they need the work to be completed in. If you are having trouble deciding, then we recommend seeking the advice of a professional.

Contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing out of Beaverton, Oregon are always willing to sit down with someone and discuss what that person hopes to accomplish with their new home construction project. A general contractor will ask a person several key questions which will eventually steer them towards whether a renovation or remodel is best for that particular customer. Best of all, they will usually do an initial consultation and inspection free of charge.

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