Evergreen Renovations & Roofing Recommends Working with a Competent Design Team When Planning any Renovation Project

Evergreen Renovations & Roofing is a full-service roofing and renovations contractor that provides specialty renovation services in and around the Beaverton, Oregon area. Over the years they have learned the value of having their customers work with their experienced design team whenever they are deciding how to go about getting any renovations project done. This helps any renovation project turn out as exactly as the client had hoped and get done according to their budget requirements as well.

Beaverton, OR, USA – November 1, 2019

Brian Bowen, the owner, says this about a client using a design team to help meet their goals for their renovations project, “When most customers approach us with an idea in mind for a renovations project that they want to get done, they often don’t know the full scope of what it takes to complete that project. That’s where being assisted by our competent design team comes into play. Our interior designers know the big and little things it takes to make a renovations project turn out just the way a customer wanted it too. They are experts at fine-tuning the customer’s ideas to fit the scope of the renovations project they are undertaking and working within their proposed budget.”

Bowden also strongly stated that their design professionals never force their own ideas on their clients. Instead, they like to slightly tweak their clients’ ideas to help them get the most out of the money they have to spend on their renovations projects. Their design professionals are known for making excellent use of the provided space without leaving a cluttered feeling final project. They also do a good job of suggesting project cost-cutting steps such as refinishing kitchen cabinets instead of totally replacing them.

This family-owned roofing and renovations contractor started out in Beaverton, Oregon back in 2009. Since that time, they have become proficient at a wide variety of renovations tasks. These include kitchen renovations, bathroom remodeling and even building complete additions. Their design team is tasked with playing a key role in the successful completion of all of these types of projects.

Bowder also stated that they are a company that works hard to leave every customer satisfied with the renovations work that they have done for them. This Angieslist.com review backs that statement up.

“I can’t say enough good things about Evergreen Renovations. Kayed and Brian are top-notch. I literally don’t have one negative thing to say about this renovation process. They are honest, thoughtful and respectful and take absolute pride in their work. They are true to their word. When they set an appointment, they or their subcontractors were there when they said they would be. They cleaned up at the end of every day and did everything they could to try to minimize the disruptions. Any time there were hiccups that were out of their control (there are always hiccups in a large scale project) they communicated and were quick to advocate and resolve the issue. I can’t recommend them enough. My kitchen is beyond beautiful!”

If a person wants more information on the types of residential renovation and design services that this company offers, they can simply email Evergreen Renovations & Roofing or call them. A person can also take a look at many other reviews that have been done on them at Yelp.com and Angieslist.com.

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