Evergreen Offers Some Helpful Advice on Roof Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

Evergreen Renovations & Roofing has some advice for anyone who is thinking about buying a home. They have come up with a list of suggestions to ask the real estate agent or homeowner regarding the status of the roof. The company is making these suggestions because they feel the roof is an often-overlooked area in any home buying process. That should never be the case they warn.

Beaverton, OR, USA – Jun 1, 2019

Here is what Brian Bowder, one of Evergreen’s spokespersons, had to say about why it’s so important to know the status of a roof before buying a home.

“We have friends in the real estate business that tell us prospective buyers rarely if ever ask about a home’s roof. This can be a big mistake. The reason for that is if a problem with a roof goes undetected before a home sale, it can lead to a huge expense after someone purchases that home. Some of that risk can be minimalized by asking a few simple roofing questions”

Brian said the first question he would ask about a roof when shopping for another home is how old the roof is. The older a roof is the better the chance it may also have some problems with its roofing material, underlayment or sheathing. Reroofing or getting into structural roof repairs is definitely an expense that a person wants the current homeowner to be responsible for.

A prospective home buyer should also ask when was the last time any work was done on that home’s roof. This will give a person a good idea of what they might expect as to future roofing expenses. If work has been recently done then future roofing expenses should be minimal. Homes that have not had any roof work done in a while should be more worrisome as far as potential roofing expenses.

Another question that Brian suggested a prospective buyer ask about a sale home’s roof is if there is any type of warranty left on the roof. Many times a roofing contractor will make a warranty transferrable on any significant work that has been done recently on a roof.

Brian also emphatically stated that any prospective home buyer should get an inspection done by a roofing professional on any home they are thinking about buying. Even the home buyer themselves should note the roofing material and condition of the roof when looking at a home.

Evergreen has a reputation for doing very skilled residential roofing work and their advice can be trusted. Check out this testimonial as to the know-how that goes into the residential roofing work that they do.

“I purchased a new roof from Evergreen Renovations. I needed to replace my existing roof before selling my home and had a tight timeline to get it done. Evergreen was incredibly helpful in getting my job scheduled in time for the sale. They were also very professional, arrived on time and cleaned very well behind them. I was very impressed with the level of communication and the quality of craftsmanship. I would highly recommend them for all your roofing needs!”

– Jennifer Fern

If someone would like more information on the types of roofing questions to ask before buying a new home, all a person has to do is send Evergreen Renovations & Roofing an e-mail or call them. You can also visit them on Facebook, Yelp.com, and Angieslist.com.

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