Considerations Besides Looks When Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

When you are doing an entire kitchen remodel you are probably very excited and want to jump right into the project. That’s very understandable. But you also have to be careful and practical too. Take picking out new kitchen cabinets, for instance. When most people choose new kitchen cabinets they go solely by looks. In realty there are many more considerations that should be thought about before buying. Here are some considerations to think about before buying your new kitchen cabinets.

What is your kitchen cabinet budget?

Of course the kitchen cabinets you buy will have to fit your budget. This is not a bad thing because it will help you narrow down your cabinet choices right away. There are a staggering amount of kitchen cabinet choices out there in the home marketplace.

How long will you stay in your current home?

This is a question that loosely relates to budget. Part of setting the budget for your new kitchen cabinets should include how long you think you will remain in your current home. Sure, those natural maple cabinets would look great in your new kitchen remodel but going to that expense is not practical if you plan on selling your home in two years. Consider a cheaper alternative that will give you the same look.

What features do you want your new cabinets to have?

Kitchen cabinets these days are no longer just doors and shelves. There are currently some pretty sophisticated and innovative storage options with kitchen cabinets. They include hidden drawers, Lazy Susans, racks and more.

What type of kitchen layout do you plan on using?

This is a biggie. Not all cabinets fit in every type of kitchen layout. Do you want just a straight set of cabinets or a set that wraps around a corner? So knowing the kitchen layout you will use will aid you in picking out your new cabinets.

Do you know the measurements of your new appliances?

The more you know about your new appliances such as their dimensions, the easier it is to choose the right type of kitchen cabinets. This will help you match your cabinets up with how those appliances are placed in your kitchen remodel layout.

What do comparable homes in your area have?

This one has everything to do with resale value and appeal. If similar homes in your neighborhood have a more elaborate kitchen cabinet design, it could hurt your resale value and buyer appeal if your property is seen as lacking.

Consider Getting Some Professional Design Help

It’s very hard for anyone to pick out cabinets for a kitchen remodel without seeing some type of rough drawing with fairly accurate measurements. This is where seeking the help of an interior design professional is highly recommended. Reputable kitchen refurbishing contractors like Evergreen Renovations & Roofing of Beaverton, Oregon have excellent design professionals they will let you work with. This will help you get your kitchen design right. It will also aid you in making the perfect cabinet choice for your kitchen remodel.

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