5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Retro Kitchen

Retro kitchen design trends from the past are making a comeback in 2024, adding a nostalgic and charming touch to modern kitchens. Here are some retro design trends to consider when planning your kitchen remodel. 

1. Choose Color: Vibrant and bold colors as well as mid-century modern pastels are making a strong comeback. Think avocado green, mustard yellow, mint green, or salmon pink. These colors can be incorporated through kitchen cabinets, appliances, backsplashes, and even colorful kitchen accessories. They add a sense of fun and personality to the space. Concrete Collaborative is one company bringing fun back to hard surfaces such as countertops, tiles, and floors.  

2. Coordinate Your Appliances: Vintage-style appliances are becoming increasingly popular. These appliances often feature retro designs with modern functionality. Smeg, for example, offers a range of retro-inspired refrigerators, ovens, and small appliances that are stylish and practical.

3. Showcase Your Dishware: Open shelving was a common feature in kitchens of the past, and it’s making a comeback for its practicality and aesthetics. Displaying dishes, glassware, and colorful vintage kitchenware on open shelves can add character to the space. It also encourages organization and easy access to everyday items.

4. Add a Booth: Diner-style booths and seating arrangements are a fun way to bring retro vibes into your kitchen. These cozy seating areas can be integrated into a corner, or along a kitchen island, creating a nostalgic diner experience right at home. A great alternative to counter seating, booths offer opportunities for conversation, homework, game nights, and more. 

5. Embrace Wallpaper: Retro-inspired wallpaper featuring bold and geometric patterns can be used as an accent wall, or to line the inside of cabinets. It adds a playful and retro touch to the kitchen decor. Check out Wallpaper from the 70s for vintage-inspired patterns or Rosie’s Vintage Wallpaper for actual vintage wallpaper in limited quantities. 

By incorporating these retro kitchen design trends into your modern kitchen, you can create a space that is both timeless and full of character, celebrating the design aesthetics of the past, while enjoying the conveniences of today. Reach out to the design team at Evergreen Renovations and Roofing to help plan your very groovy kitchen remodel today. 

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