4 Steps to Deal With a Storm-Damaged Roof

No matter what they do, storms will be a recurring event that all homeowners will experience. In fact, it could be nerve-wracking as some homeowners worry if their homes are strong enough to withstand nature’s elements. In this post, the top kitchen remodeling and roof repair experts, Evergreen Renovations & Roofing, share four steps you can follow to deal with a storm-damaged roof.

1. Stay Safe and Remain Calm Always remember that your safety is the number one priority. Before going out and inspecting the situation, be sure that your family is safe and take them to a secure area. Afterward, call your trusted roofing contractor to help you with the repairs and inspection. Don’t attempt to DIY or inspect the roof on your own as a damaged roof is unstable and could collapse, causing severe injuries. 

2. Assess the Damage – Before roof repairs are carried out, your full home and bathroom remodeling contractor will perform an initial inspection of the area. This lets the customers understand the full scale of the situation and what to expect before filing an insurance claim. Remember that we strongly advise against conducting roofing inspections by yourself as it is dangerous. 

3. File an Insurance ClaimOnce your home has been thoroughly inspected, you can file your insurance claim. Be sure that all the important details are covered in your inspection so that you have a great chance of getting covered. Some coverages are voided by the lack of roof maintenance or modifications that aren’t authorized by the roofing company or the insurance provider. 

4. Let the Experts Handle It- After filing your insurance claim, trust your renovation experts to take care of the rest. They’ll make sure that your roof is back in great working condition while complying with all of your insurance provider’s requirements. Of course, they won’t forget to do some cleanup on the project site once the dust has settled. 

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