An Brief Overview of the Different Types of Low Slope Commercial Roofing Materials

Most people have experienced at one time or another in their lives the bad smell of roofing tar being applied. That’s because for a long period of time tar and gravel roofs were the standard commercial flat roof materials of choice. There simply were not many cost effective commercial low slope roofing materials available that could compete with how well they worked. Those days are long gone now. While tar and gravel roofs (also referred to as ‘built-up roofs’) are still used on a large scale, they are no longer the dominant commercial low slope roofing material they once were.

So what is the dominate low slope commercial roofing surface now? That is a difficult question to answer. At this time there is no really dominant low slope commercial roofing surface because there are so many good ones in the commercial roofing marketplace to choose from. There are many factors such as cost, current roofing surface being applied over and material longevity that go into a business choosing which type of low slope commercial roofing application they will use.

The good news is there is a variety of low slope commercial roofing surfaces available that work well and will fit into any businesses specific roofing budget. We will discuss the most common types of low slope commercial roofing applications in this article.

Popular Low Slope Commercial Roofing Materials

Here are the most common low slope commercial roofing applications that businesses choose:

Which Type of Commercial Low Slope Roofing Application Is Best For Your Business?

As was mentioned there are many different reasons why a company would choose a particular roofing product to use on their low slope roof.

Here are some of the main ones:

Sometimes the best way to determine which type of low slope commercial roofing surface will work best for you is to have a roofing professional come look at your business’s existing roof. Companies such as Evergreen Renovations & Roofing, which serves Beaverton, Oregon and the Greater Portland area, are experts at guiding you into the best low slope commercial roofing application to use over your existing roof. They will work with your budget to get you a commercial low slope roof that will stay watertight well into the future.

Find a Proven Commercial Roofing Contractor to Get the Best Results

Once you have decided on the perfect roof for your commercial low slope building, then the next step is finding a suitable contractor to do the job. Your roof is much too important to let just any business apply your new roofing material of choice to it. So take your time to find a roofing contractor that is trustworthy, affordable and experienced at installing the type of commercial roofing material you have chosen. Make sure they offer fair and competitive pricing too.

With the right contractor doing the application and the right material selection, your new commercial low slope roof surface should hold up well for you for a long time into the future.

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