What is the Homeowner’s Role in the Design/Build Process?

You probably already know just how big and complex a remodeling project can be. To ensure the process goes on without a hitch, you’ll want to make sure every base is covered. But this isn’t limited to checking the product warranty coverage or hiring the right remodeler for the job. You should definitely consider how […]

How to Choose the Right Custom Home Builder

Whether you’re planning on having an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) added to your home, or building a new house entirely from scratch, choosing the right custom builder is essential to ensure satisfactory results. In today’s post, Evergreen Renovations & Roofing shares a guide on how to choose the right custom home builder.

Maximize Your ADU’s Floor Area

An ADU, accessory dwelling unit, is typically a small living space either attached to or detached from the main house, but on the same property. It’s usually furnished to be independent of the main house.

Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit Right for You

Would you like to entertain family and friends more often but don’t have the extra bedroom space in your home? Maybe you love having big family gatherings around the holidays but the same reason prevents you from doing it. One way that people who are in that situation solve it in a relatively inexpensive manner […]

A Brief Overview of Accessory Dwellings and Their Uses

Do you have a detached garage that you don’t even store your vehicles in? Maybe your kids are grown, have moved out and your house seems too big now? It may even be a case where you are looking for a way to make a little extra income. Whatever your individual reason may be, building […]

Interesting Things You Can Do with Your Unused Detached Garage

There are a surprisingly large number of homes that have detached garages. Either you built it for such things as garaging additional vehicles or maybe they were built by the previous owners of a home. It may surprise you then that many detached garages just sit there and become places to store junk. That’s a […]